I found myself in a forest
between sources, grapes and heroes

Close your eyes, imagine a forest. The intertwined roots of the trees,
the light that filters through the branches, the water that flows from the stone.


As far as the eye
can see to get to the heart

On top of a hill, in the middle of a forest that extends towards the horizon, there is one of those places that are lost in the stories of the fathers of the fathers: a road, until two centuries ago the only one that led to Telese. A path in the middle of a forest, between sulfur springs that gush into the greenery.

Along that road, today via Fontana Delle Selve, is our winery.
30 hectares of vineyards are protected from thermal excursions by the 12 hills of the Sannio and made fertile by the waters of the Calore river, in the ancient medieval village of Castelvenere.

It is here that the Fontana Delle Selve winery has been a reality for over twenty years and tells the story of the Falato family, of our father Antonio, and of the wine vocation of our territory.

We are Gianluca and Salvatore.

The fountain in the vineyard,
root of eternal places

What today is Castelvenere was originally Véneri; it’s thought that a temple dedicated to Venus, the goddess who was married to Vulcan, was built here.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that this village, which lies in the Telesina Valley, stands out on the tuff rocks generated by the millenary work of Vesuvius, Roccamonfina, and Campi Flegrei.

The territory inhabited by the Samnites from the fifth century before Christ, the neighboring and ancient Telesia became an allied city of Rome three centuries later. Greeks gods after Roman gods merged with the Etruscan and animist ones already present in these places.

Fontana Delle Selve is where the inhabitants of the earth and those of the sky meet each other and is where everyone knows the fountain in the vineyard. It has always been its name: as for those places that have always been there and always will be there.

vinum filium temporis | wine is the son of time

All our wines are gods, heroes, pieces of our history.

The taste of timeless stories

Every year we harvest about 800 kg of grapes which become 6 types of wine. The first to have a name for him was Thelemako, named after the son of Ulysses and Penelope. Then came Achelòs, Eva Gore, Kaliké, Temys, Tamyri.
Each name tells us a legend, a story, a road.

And then we went out to see the woods again

via Nazionale Sannitica, 20
82037 Castelvenere(BN)